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1. Email still top choice for marketers – survey

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Aileen O'Toole

Email continues to be the most popular online promotional format among Irish marketing professionals, despite a proliferation of other options and a surge in social media campaigns.

This is one of the key findings from the second Online Marketing Sentiment Survey, conducted by AMAS among members of the Marketing Institute of Ireland.

While YouTube, Facebook and blogs are more likely to be included in the marketing mix, they haven’t replaced long-established formats such as email and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). In fact, the survey suggests that marketing managers are increasingly expanding their online marketing portfolios but are not necessarily scaling back on tried and tested options such as email.

Graph of online advertising and marketing formats Almost two thirds, or 65% of the marketers use email marketing campaigns to get their message out and to drive action or uptake. SEO is the second most popular with 48% usage level, followed by social networking and blogs at 44%.

Despite the hype, video and audio content is not as widely used with just 25% of the sample citing it as a preferred format.

The survey confirms trends established in the first Online Marketing Sentiment Survey and indeed in other research about how the Internet is being used to achieve marketing and communications objectives. Other significant findings were:

  • Just over 90% of marketers are spending some of the budget online, with 47% of the sample investing more than a tenth of their total marketing budgets online
  • There has been a year-on-year growth in use of online marketing, with only 30% of the same sample stating that they spent more than a tenth of their budgets online last year
  • 46% of the sample said that they get a more accountable return on investment on online marketing compared with more traditional marketing formats.

The survey found that marketing managers were more likely to divert budget away from direct mail, press advertising, magazine advertising and PR campaigns to online marketing.

Almost 37% of respondents had moved spend from direct mail, 32% of the sample said they had moved from press, 30% from magazines and a similar proportion from PR. By contrast, TV and radio appeared to be more resilient to increased use of online advertising, with budget moves of just 8% and 10% respectively.

Asked why online marketing was favoured, the results show that accountability and value for money were front of mind. Criteria that were considered either “very important” or “important” were:

  • Optimising the campaign’s reach (92%)
  • Lowest cost marketing channel (89%)Targeting and segmenting (85%)
  • Measuring responses (87%)
  • Capturing customer information (75%)

Graph of social media sites used by marketersLinkedIn emerged as the most popular social networking site used by marketers as marketing or promotional channels. It is used by 45% of respondents, ahead of Facebook (42%) and Twitter (40%).

The survey, conducted in late October / early November, is designed to assess the extent to which marketing professionals are adopting online channels, in line with other major markets such as the UK and the US.

Visit AMAS website www.amas.ie/blog for more details of the survey.

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